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You’ll be teleported to Prague at the end of the 16th century. You’ll meet the legendary rabbi Löw, find out the story behind the mythical golem and witness his awakening during a mystic ritual.

Golem VR is located right in the city centre.
Eight unique surprises & riddles filled levels.
Play together with up to three friends.
Experience more than 300 m2 of multisensory fun.
How does it work?

Virtual reality for real

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Golem vr launches in spring 2018 BRACE

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Journey to the Golem

Where to find it?

The unique VR adventure is located at Hamleys store in the centre of Prague – the city you’ll get to know from a completely different point of view in virtual reality.

Hračkářství hamley’s
Na příkopě 854/14
110 00 Nové město
Opening hours
Po-NE 10:00-20:00